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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

When we stop thinking of the possible outcome that is when we create the opportunity of becoming a champion.

There is no greater stage and no higher podium than representing your college and district multiple times and having accomplished the feat of making it to the top of the fencing podium not once, but twice in a row in men’s epee with university medals and All India while representing University of Mumbai at Khelo India and having tasted success by dedicating my time and efforts to Fencing @FSF for the last three years!

Initially, to being with a good friend of mine was playing this sport and I found it curious enough to have a go on this. Just for the knowledge of the unknown, Fencing is a sport in which two people use modern variations of swords to score points by hitting their opponent on valid target area. When I checked on the internet, it was intriguing to see how Fencers make use of electronic scoring devices to register touches, while referees administer the rules and arbitrate the flow of the match. That’s where it all started wherein I joined to play a sport which I had no clue about and started my practice in my M.L.Dahanukar college where i first came across my coach,mentor Kedar dhawle sir, and it was like a fresh start for me, wherein i was trying to establish myself in a game which had very limited popularity, my sole aim then was to learn and develop skills differently as each sport teaches you something different and fencing is no other

FSF has its mandate to establish, develop and support fencing in Mumbai and to create fencers ready to face the world on the international scene. FSF acts as a parent who is responsible for furthering the interests of the sport of fencing, including fostering growth within the sport. An academy is where learning takes place; here fencers like me learn about fencing. This academy takes the training experience beyond that of a student learning about fencing to an individual learning about life. Our Kedar Dhawle sir the head coach and mentor has 15+ years of coaching experience and with this he has created 300+ state players,110 national players and 2 international players

To elaborate the beginning of my fencing journey with FSF, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that, I love fencing despite me being a avid sports person having played almost all popular sports including football, cricket, badminton, volleyball; Fencing came as great experience it was extremely challenging, mentally and physically, it’s hard but it’s rewarding, it relies upon you as a fencer but involves a team spirit with your teammates and most of all, its damned good exercise for both the mind and the body.

@ FSF through our mentor Kedar sir it is a Guide to In-Person Fencing Training. Fencing has been a transformational experience for me in person from being just a non-popular sport, it has showered me with appreciation, recognition and praise in the last three years of my training.

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