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World Champion Max Heinzer

Everyone who follows epee fencing knows Max Heinzer. Swiss swordsman Max Heinzer is known for his fast and offensive fencing style, with his variety of attacking moves making him particularly unpredictable. He is the greatest showman of epee, but he's not just putting on a show, he's got the competitive chops underneath to earn his place on the podium. Max Heinzer is one of the most energetic fencer in this era. Whether it is at the World cup, World  championships or the Grand prix, he is moving and making things happen. No one can miss his signature back flick. It draws the eye and it draws the crowd. Something that we all can agree is important for drawing people to the sport. Looking at his game and playing techniques, motivate me to work hard in this game. Max Heinzer is a global fencing phenom, currently ranked fourth in the world. Adversity seems to be the fuel of Max Heinzer. Whether he is down on an opponent, hobbled with injury, or weary from his intensive training regimen, Max’s love of fencing, resilience, and relentless determination to be the best drives him through any hardship. Heinzer has held the prestigious ranking of first in the world. Heinzer has seven world cup wins to his name, winning the previous two Tallin World Cups, the previous THREE Berne World Cups, and picked up wins in Legnano and Lisbon on the way. Heinzer is yet to win a World Championship, but the future is bright. His electric style is eye-opening, and his refusal to lose in any situation is worth a view from any fencer, beginner or elite. Don’t put your guard down if you have a lead against Max Heinzer. It’s an opportunity he’ll seize with pleasure. Don’t think there’s any area of target on your body that’s immune to the deceptive, powerful touches of Heinzer. There isn’t. If you think you’ve worked harder than Max Heinzer preparing for a tournament, you haven’t. If you think an injury is an opportunity for vacation, then you haven’t met Max Heinzer. His complete dedication and love for this sport as well as his unique style to fence, motivates me to train more harder, learn something new and to build  never give up attitude.

Picture Source: Instagram

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