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1. All students should obey the rules and regulations of the Fencers' Sport Foundation (FSF).

2. To become a Player of the FSF, all candidates must fill out the enrollment form mandatorily . All students have to pay month fee in advance at the time of submission of the enrolment form.

3. After that, A three-month fee is to be paid on or before the 10th day of the first calendar month. It can be paid in cash or through bank transfer 

Account Details are as follows:- 

Name : Kedar Ramchandra Dhawle 

Bank Name :- Bank Of Maharashtra 

Account No : 60052279880

IFSC code :- MAHB0001187

Branch : Thakur Village.

4. The fee will not be refundable and/or transferable in any circumstances.

5. If a student is absent for one, two, or three months after enrollment, he or she must pay the entire fee. The fee will not be transferred to the following month(s) in these circumstances.

6.Players should carry basic materials and equipment when they come to the ground they are a water bottle, a napkin, two soft tennis balls, Theraband and a skipping rope 

7.. The FSF/coach(es)/instructor(s) will not be held liable for any student's injury or accident, or for any damage to equipment.

8. The FSF/coach(s)/instructor(s) will not be held liable for any loss of money, mobile phones, bags, clothes, equipment, jewelry, or other valuables.

9. In the event of a dispute, the Hon. Secretary of MUFA's decision will be final.

10. Students are requested to pay the following fees at the time of enrolment

    (A) Registration Fee of Rs-1000/-

    (B) Monthly Fees (For Basic Coaching/Training may vary according to the location) If any student wants an extra               personal coaching lesson, then he/she has to pay extra fees as per lesson time and place.

11.If players want to compete or participate at different levels, they must complete all three registrations by visiting the           association's specific websites.

     A. District registration of MUFA for 1 year or 10 years

     B. Maharashtra Fencing Association (State)

     C. Fencing Association of India (National)

12.I hereby declare that I have carefully read the above mentioned rules and regulations and solemnly resolve to abide by them.

Please fill this registration form & read the rules and regulation mentioned above

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