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My Journey Of a Thousand Miles…In FENCING

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and there it was- the Fencer’s Sports Foundation- my first step to embark on- my journey of a thousand miles in Fencing…

Its been 10 delightful , wonderful , and noteworthy years with FSF, full of life-learning experiences. I started just as a so very typical kid but the credit for making me a not so very typical kid goes to the FSF team. Right from the first day, I was taught the prime virtues and ethics which mattered in sports as well as in one’s life. The atmosphere seemed to be strict, disciplined but invigorating. As a timid child, I always feared to approach people reluctantly , but as time passed by, vivid teachings and experiences have crafted me into a better personality.

Here at FSF, we are not only taught the sport, but also how to become a better person in life. According to me, this aspect of the club is especially important for a youngsters, because personality development abets an equally important role as the education. We are not just taught the sport; we are taught to immerse ourselves into it . Taking one step at a time is a gentleman's way which makes us patient but determined towards our goal. Rushing to attain success is as good as adding salt to sugar-are the kinds of advice always summered to us. Resultantly, I have developed my observation and analytical skills as well as patience and tolerance - the holding bars of ladder to success in life ; these have cumulatively help me prosper in my education seemingly well..

En voyage en Fencing, I was inculcated with a plethora of values by our coach which will flow through my veins…life long. We are taught importance of honesty, the value of time and how they influence our game as well as the opportunities in life. As a result, I have earned a treasure of values and habits as my reward which and will motivate me always to keep going bigger and bigger but staying humble ALWAYS…

We are provided with an extremely conducive atmosphere to practice, this contemplates one to perform better, work harder and get the best out of oneself. No matter how difficult the situations are , we are always encouraged to work harder and give our best. 'To bring out the best in oneself' is the motto of this club. What I have always learnt from our Coach is that winning is surely important but winning is not always the point….wanting to win is the point…not giving up till the last touch is the point…and last but not the least…believing in your coach and training is what makes you a successful athlete at the end of the day!

Great planning and Schedules unique to each Athlete makes one work on a very systematically and with a guided path under the tutelage of our Coach, thereby, providing each Athlete to work on his/ her weaknesses and strengths by devoting adequate time. Recreations during trainings are really a fun and stress-busting. What I would also like to mention is that my EDUCATION WAS NEVER HAMPERED because of SPORTS, on the contrary…it just helped me get better and better. The coaches make sure the Education of the Athletes is never Compromised.

“ No Pain, no Gain” is what Kedar Sir strongly believes in; making him a little strict and unlikely to be liked by many but a very committed coach, truthful and loyal to his profession. He is a very caring individual and cares for all his students just as his kids and wants the best for them always. For the coaches here, teaching to fence is not just a profession…it is as good as oxygen to them- vital! They are always readily available even at the stroke of the midnight to help a child, making our club different from thousands of them around.

A great team spirit is what helps each and every Athlete in the club to learn the sport well with great enthusiasm and temperament. Unsurprisingly, the results and the laurels achieved by this club are a sheer evidence to the appreciation and recognition attained.

All the staff members are very much kind having our backs at all the times, loving, co-operative and supportive at large. They have always been a great back up during all the times during all the tournaments and during each bout. Not just the staff and the coaches, the parents of this Organization have been extremely kind and helpful in nature and supportive to the athletes at all times.

During these 10 years, I have seen great ups and downs in my career as an Athlete but fighting up like a warrior, trying harder post failure and getting better than the best have been the steps to my Ladder of Success. In the absence of Coaches, I always found myself under the guidance of my Seniors which made me felt secured.

I am really Thankful to all the coaches and my parents for their untiring dedication and support which have made me believe in myself .Pragmatically speaking, I could have never ever achieved anything in my Life if it was not for Fencing and my Coach Kedar Sir . His words of wisdom have been the Footwork to my Fencing. Today when I look back at that 7 year old shy boy…it just brings a big cheerful smile too my face and encourages me to stay humble, focussed, dedicated and hungry!

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