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My name is Rony, I am very happy to write my life journey with fencing. Actually I started fencing with Fencers Sports Foundation at Gorai in 2017.

Only one month I practiced there, after that with the help of Kedar Sir I got admission in Dahanukar College. In that three year of my college days many things changed in my life. When I was in first year I don't know anything about fencing.

And also I don't know Hindi language and English language properly at that time. Because of that language problem, it was very difficult for me to learn and also difficult for Kedar sir to teach me.But after few month later that problem slowly slowly got solved. First I used to play sabre event for 2 years after that I changed to foil event.My first match was senior district championship in that many experience player was there. I was in nervous at that time because first time am playing fencing match with experience player. In that championship I got one silver medal in sabre event that was my first experience in fencing.then I played first state match in Dhule. After that I played district,state,national matches and also got medals in these championships.

Kedar sir is the only reason behind for all this my achievements. Without Kedar sir I can't get these achievements. Sir helped me not only in fencing but also in my admission, academic issues, and also in my life.Sir is not like other coaches, he is very friendly and we can ask anything to him. But in practice time, If we not asking questions and doing mistake repeatedly, he will get angry and he will beat. I got some beat from sir, but now am realizing that he is beating only for our improvement and for us.Am very lucky to get coach like him. And also I see him as my big brother because he is very friendly and supportive.This year I played one India's big competition "Khelo India", I got selected because of his training. For that he gave special training for me. that thing I can't forget.Anyway I love him very much and also am thanking to my brothers and sisters in fencing family for helping me in fencing.

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